Restaurant time management

In-Time Staff Management

Powerful staff time management with cutting-edge fingerprint recognition brings you holistic staff administration.

  • Centralised staff time management
  • Full Pastel Payroll and Sage VIP integration
  • Shift scheduling
  • Secure data transfer to payroll clerk
  • Accurate timesheets
  • Overtime and holiday rates and rules control
  • Automated logouts

Latest fingerprint technology

In-Time prevents buddy clocking by using fingerprint technology that makes it impossible for staff to clock in or out on each other’s behalf. Eliminate excess costs with secure In-Time staff management technology.

Get a better insight into staff performance

Need to reward you stars or identify improvement areas for certain employees? Get a holistic view of staff hours and productivity for better team management and improved productivity.

Seamless Pastel and VIP integration

In-Time integrates seamlessly with both Pastel and VIP payroll, removing the need for duplicate date capture.