Menu Planning

Great menu ideas are a prerequisite for thriving restaurants.

It takes a type of synergy between the head chef and the restaurant owner to come up with something really special. Here are some menu planning tips that will ensure that your offerings don’t become stale:

  • Follow culinary trends to spruce up your menu
  • Menu ideas should reflect seasonal changes
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment - make time for it with your head chef
  • Eat out frequently and try and get an insight into the competition’s menu ideas

Menu planning needs fresh thinking. Remember, what works today might not work next season. Need to keep all your menu ideas in one place? Or do you want to analyse the cost of your dishes and understand them down to the ingredient level? Pilot Software brings you point-of-sale that goes beyond point-of-sale, with item analysis functions for better management of your most important asset: your menu.