Data Backup

Data is the veritable lifeblood of the modern organisation.

If you’re not leveraging it properly – or not securing it – you’re playing with fire. Think for a moment how much data your point of sale system holds: volumes of metrics on your sales, customers, stock, suppliers and staff. Making sure your data backups occur regularly, predictably and securely is a business-critical function for any restaurant owner. Pilot’s partnership with Irontree, a leader in data backup solutions, means you not only have a comprehensive PoS system, but one that safeguards your most precious asset – your data.

Here is how Pilot and Irontree makes your data safe, secure and reliable:

  • Scheduled routine backups stored in the cloud
  • Datacentres that house your information with cutting-edge security built-in
  • Regular integrity checks and reports on the state of your data
  • Scalable backup solution that caters to your current and future needs

Pilot is a comprehensive point of sale solution tailored for the restaurant industry. We do PoS and we do it well, so you can focus on your restaurant.