Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers mean great profit margins.

The adage that the customer is king hasn’t lost its potency or validity over the decades. In fact, customer satisfaction is still the single most important objective for any business. After all, companies only exist because of their patrons.  Smart restaurant owners know that each and every interaction with their patrons can make the difference between earning a loyal new customer and losing future revenue.

Boost your customer satisfaction and take your service excellence to the next level with Pilot by:

  • Introducing cutting-edge technology into your restaurant
  • Leveraging the data that resides in your PoS system for deeper business insights
  • Managing staff performance and identifying opportunities to upskill
  • Identifying the obstacles to achieving a better customer experience
  • Tracking customer satisfaction levels via your Point of Sale (PoS) system
  • Using PoS data for more strategic marketing

Point of Sale goes beyond order processing. Pilot brings restaurants a comprehensive business tool that boosts staff performance and elevates the customer experience.